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We are a young, dynamic and independent passionate team that seeks to join the discovery trip to improve every day


Lifestyle and well being are open up to new frontiers where health plays an increasingly crucial role. At the crossroads of technological ecosystem and natural world, we embrace nature-inspired products to join this motor with constant efforts for innovation.

Our expertise in the fields of food supplements, vitamins, nutriceutics and personal care has led us to establish trusted partnerships with customers globally. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and open communication with our customers to deliver the best experience possible.

For us, efficiency means quality, so we certify our organisation and laboratories to ISO 9001. We ensure that all the processes that take place in our spaces are the most appropriate and demonstrating that we are committed to the quality of our products and continuous improvement.

In our factories and labs, we are concerned about being equipped with the latest technology that allows us to make products safely.

We guarantee the quality of the raw materials and ingredients of our products from the origin and we carry out strict stability and safety tests on our formulations to make the best products available to our customers.

These products are notified in the competent offices of all the countries in which we operate, complying with all the regulatory requirements of the industry. In addition, we also comply with all the regulations that guarantee organic production and its correct labeling and control, which is why all our organic products have been certified with the CAAE.

We work hard daily on our commitment to protect the environment and we have the ISO 14001 certification. In addition, we implement policies that increase the sustainability of our processes through our Circular Plan, promoting the 3Rs: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

In addition, through the SMETA certification we are committed to all our workers and suppliers, guaranteeing correct ethical and social practices throughout the supply chain, both in terms of health and safety, the environment and commercial ethics.

Why Nutriexperts

Nutriexperts was born, as some of the most iconic companies in history… by a sequence of issues and situations…almost casually.  We were born under one of our holding company teams with the aim of redefining the world of natural supplements. They were looking for products and complements, and had trouble finding really good, effective formulas and products based on natural products.

It was then that we decided to create our own products with our own brands.

From People to People

As our holding company, Free Falling, has consultancy and strategic services roots, this falls down with all the initiatives that we make… Innovation and Passion are in our DNA.

We seek to transform the industry by creating those products that our customers need, implementing synergies between the best quality ingredients to generate better results.


Our portfolio is made up of Brands in which we ensure that they are relevant for people and focused on well being.

Alongside these brands, we are still looking for innovative brands and products based on our long experience of building brands and companies. In addition to the common criteria with our holding company, we consider the following factors:


  • We look for brands that can perform to the highest standards
  • We expect our brands to act in a responsible way


  • We look for brands that may have competitive advantage
  • We value segments that have growth potential and seek renewal and change

Our value

  • We invest where we can bring value
  • We look from people to people


“Our brands should be where our client is”
A global and on Omnichannel mindset

We are an Omnichannel mindset company. We think that our client is our why and this is why we try to ensure that our Brands are available whether  the channel is. To facilitate this, we work with the best-specialized distributors, creating close customer service, and thus promoting the growth of our partners.

We have qualified teams that will be pleased to solve all your doubts and will offer you the possibility of distributing our Brands.

Personalized attention

Contact our B2B team, with personalized attention with native staff for the main markets and direct logistics management.

Exclusive Agreements

Direct exclusivity agreements by area and channel, guaranteeing the price policies of the brand at all times.

Q & R

Quality and Regulatory, taking care of every detail to offer information, advice, and differentiation of our products.


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